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Enhancing Our Entrance 

Both Redstart Drive (RD) and Sir John's Homestead (SJH) intersect with Dundas Street. The Grange - an historic property housing the Mississauga Historical Society - is situated on the north-west corner of SJH and Dundas. The three other corners have "entrance features" - decorative plantings which are maintained by the City of Mississauga. 

The Association is working with city staff to jointly improve the entrance feature at the NW corner of RD and Dundas. Association volunteers have refurbished the sign (Sir John's Homestead) and done some initial clearing to improve visibility of the sign. 

A plan is being developed to replace some shrubs, create a garden in front of the sign, and populate the garden with a mixture of flowering perennials and bulbs to provide a colourful display. 

In the fall of 2011, the city removed old shrubs under the "sign", expanded the bed, replaced the soil, and planted spring bulbs - tulips and crocuses. 

In the early summer of 2012, the city replaced the soil, expanding the bed somewhat, and planted new shrubs and perennials, and association volunteers painted the cement background behind the letters and the crest. 

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