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Monitoring Student Renters

The proximity of our neighbourhood to UTM (the University of Toronto Mississauga campus) generates a tendency for students to look for rental accomodation in our neighbourhood. The management of the 61 townhouses at 3061 Sir John's Homestead have elected to rent many of these units (originally intended for low income families) to students. Many of our ratepayers desired to bring pressure to bear on the management to limit excessive noise and unruly behaviour. This is one of the reasons that the Association was formed. The Association has developed contact with appropriate Peel Police and Mississauga By-law Enforcement personnel, and interacts with the townhouse complex management of behalf of its members. For the process to make a complaint, click here.

Activities of the Review Committee

The Association was preceded by a "review committee" that was formed to counter the sudden appearance of several house conversions for high density student occupancy. In the absence of any control mechanisms for this situation the review committee worked with the City of Mississauga to draft a zoning by-law to define and control "lodging houses and lodging units". Since that time, the City has passed a zoning by-law to define Lodging Houses and Lodging Units and a licensing by-law to control the operation of lodging houses. The zoning by-law was objected to at the OMB but withdrawn at the hearing. It appears that appropriate control mechanisms are now in place to preserve the high quality residential character of this neighbourhood. 

The Review Committee and other concerned ratepayers spent considerable time and effort to document the impact of unregulated student housing on neighbourhoods in the vicinity of universities in Ontario in order to present facts to City of Mississauga staff and council members. Considerable time and effort was also spent in monitoring City staff efforts. Ratepayers donated funds to hire legal expertise to assist in these efforts. Here are some of the documents relevent to that effort.


  - Virginia MacLean, Q.C. (Bio of lawyer hired to advise us) 
  - London Housing Presentation (this is a large file but highly relevant to our concerns) 
  - Presentation to City Dec 1 
  - Proposed By-law Amendments 
  - Zoning By-law (Feb 20 posting) 
  - Mar 2 Public Meeting Agenda (Feb 20 posting) 
  - Appeal Letter (44 pages) 
  - Related Appeal Memo (1 page) 
  - Oshawa By-law Upheld 
  - OMB Case Information Site

Archive of Mailings from the Review Committee

  - Jul   22 09 Response to Appeal, Association Formation Details, Golf? Emailed 
  - May 27 09 Update - By-law Appealed, Legal Advice, Association Formation Emailed 
  - Feb 20, 09 Update - Legal Services, New Website, Sheridan Library, London Report Emailed 
  - Feb 02, 09 Request for Email Addresses HD only 
  - Jan 14, 09  Request for Contributions to Retain Lawyer Emailed or HD 
  - Dec 24, 08 Update re Meeting with City Hall Staff Emailed or HD 
  - Nov 27, 08 Minutes of Meeting with Lawyer on Nov 26 Emailed 
  - Nov 27, 08 Minutes of Public Meeting on Nov 25 Emailed 
  - Nov 23, 08 Report by City Planning & Dev Committee Emailed 
  - Nov 20, 08 Update re Nov 5 General Mtg of Residents HD 

    Note: HD means Hand Delivered where email addresses unknown 

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