Gardening Day at Sir John's Homestead 

Sir John's Homestead Ratepayers Association continues to manage the garden areas throughout the neighbourhood. Annually, we as an association, come together in May to maintain and tend to the gardens and wooded areas. Our project for 2018 was the long-neglected garden area at the playground as shown in the photo above.


The initial project was to upgrade the park area at the northwest corner of Solitaire Court and Sir John's Homestead.  We continue to maintain this area every other year.  Other areas of beautification include the entrance gardens at Sir John's Homestead and Dundas as well as Redstart and Dundas.


Gardening Day 2019 will take place on Saturday, May 25.  


We are excited about our quickly approaching annual Gardening Day.


The focus this year will be on the green space area along Sir John’s, just west of Solitaire Ct. (north of the walking path). A few years ago, some members, Bob Alden and Nick Close, took the initiative to “push back” the overgrown area and create more green space. As the years passed, we have occasionally revisited the area and cleared it of weeds, planting more shrubs and placing wood chips to slow down the weed growth. Our involvement in this area has made a difference. We have spent time in other areas recently and it is time to revisit and “spruce” it up!

As the day approaches, we will send an email reminder and you can also watch for the lawn signs to remind you. We are looking forward to seeing you there!